• Enhancing Media Sensitivity and Sensibility in Kenya Elections 2017

    Project Duration : June 2017 – December 2017 Background In the 2007/8 Post-elections violence more than 1,500 people lost their lives and about 500,000 were displaced. The media was on the spotlight as having fairly contributed in fueling the conflict that brought Kenya to the precipice of destruction. In the aftermath of the crisis, six … Continue reading “Enhancing Media Sensitivity and Sensibility in Kenya Elections 2017”

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  • The Role of the media in Climate Change & Environmental Conservation

    Project Duration : May 2012 – January 2013

    This project funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin seeks to enhance the capacity of vernacular and community media in interrogating and reporting issues on climate change and environmental conservation within their working regions.

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  • Media Monitoring & Research

    Project Duration: July 2010 – August 2010

    Supported by the Ford Foundation through ILEG, this research came at a crucial time when Kenya was going into the Referendum polls of august 2010. Political process are delicate in Kenya as exemplified in the Post-Election Violence of 2007/2008 thus the referendum campaigns were equally delicate.

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  • Udada in Sisterhood for Peace (Redefining the Role of Women’s Movement in Peace-building)

    Project Duration: April 2010 – September 2010

    As a media-based organization pegged on building peace, sustaining resilient communities and conflict resolution, Peace Pen Communications is claiming this space by actively participating in an initiative that will re-define the role of women in safe-guarding the peace of a nation.

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  • Democratic Governance & Accountability

    Project Duration: April 2010 – April 2011

    Peace Pen Communications has partnered with THREE instrumental human-rights based organizations to foster the call for the promotion of Citizen Participation in Democratic Governance and Accountability.

    This proposed project is a partnership of different organizations with diverse networks and expertise in the media, Parliament, women and the grassroots.

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  • Regional media interaction & capacity building project

    Project Duration: August 2009

    This project sponsored by the Institute for security studies, ISS South Africa. The core theme was enhancing media capacity on reporting issues of International Criminal Justice and in particular reporting the International criminal Court, ICC. PPC facilitated, mobilized and monitored the training of senior journalists from six countries; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

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