PPC Launches Media Handbook on Reporting Climate Change & Environmental Conservation

Peace Pen Communications recently  launched a media handbook titled; Reporting Climate Change & Environmental Conservation.

The handbook is a culmination of the past seven months where PPC engaged mostly, vernacular radio journalists in several Media Clinics aimed at infusing the Climate Change discussion within the daily programs.

In this project supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation office of East Africa based in Dar-as-Salaam, PPC held media workshops in the counties of Nairobi, Embu, Mombasa and Kakamega and Kisi and introduced the Climate Change discourse to participants.

Media’s role in disseminating information on Climate Change to targeted communities is crucial.

However, it seems the media is yet to grasp the reality of Climate Change to be able to articulate the same to the society.  Media has very limited capacity to be able to fully internalize and unpack the Climate Change scenario.

In the recent past, both the local and global scene has experiences such baffling unprecedented weather patterns that have all been blamed on a changing climate.
Retrospectively, global warming is seen as one of the fundamental effects of climate change which the world at a loss of how to manage the soaring emotions of a volatile climate.

Media is automatically a necessary partner in the Climate Change discussion.

In the handbook; Reporting Climate Change & Environmental Conservation, the media is taken through the careful journey of unpacking the basics of Climate Change definitions, mitigation and adaptation strategies as well as understanding the ultimate role of media in this discussion.