Democratic Governance & Accountability

Project Duration : April 2010  –  April 2011

Peace Pen Communications has partnered with THREE instrumental human-rights based organizations to foster the call for the promotion of Citizen Participation in Democratic Governance and Accountability.

This proposed project is a partnership of different organizations with diverse networks and expertise in the media, Parliament, women and the grassroots. The project seeks to implement activities aimed at enhancing citizen participation in governance through capacity building and empowerment. The project will further seek to link Members of Parliament with their constituents in a bid to promote participatory governance at the local level. This is in recognition of the need for citizens to demand for accountability from their leaders through interactions between leaders in representative institutions and their constituents. There has been a lot of misinterpretation and misunderstanding among citizens of the role of their Members of Parliament in governance. The engagements will promote accountability and identify ways in which the two groups can better work together to understand their roles and promote participatory governance as well as bridge the existing gap between the leaders and the governed.

The Partners:

  • The International Commission for Jurists (ICJ – Kenya)
  • The International Federation for Women Lawyers (FIDA- Kenya)
  • The Centre for Governance & Democracy (CGD – Kenya)

The supporting organization:

This project is supported by the West-Minister Foundation for Democracy, UK.

Peace Pen Communications acknowledges the immense necessity for citizen participation in devolved funds; the rights of the citizenry to access and manage funds set-aside for public use and the right of citizen to seek re-dress when management of these funds is in doubt.

PPC affirms the commitment of the media in acting as the watch-dog for democratic governance and as the medium for crucial information for critical masses for whom these devolved funds are meant for.

It is in this regard that PPC endeavours to approach the above project through the following interventions:-

  • Capacity Building forums for media regarding democratic governance
  • Open-dialogue forum between media, parliamentarians and stake-holders in democratic governance.
  • Publication of “The People’s Funds” – a newsletter that will put into perspective the situational analysis of democratic governance and citizen participation in  the management and safe-guarding of devolved funds.
  • Publication of news articles in the Kenya mainstream media regarding citizen participation in Democratic Governance and devolved funds.