Udada in Sisterhood for Peace (Redefining the Role of Women’s Movement in Peace-building)

Project Duration: April 2010 – September 2010

As a media-based organization pegged on building peace, sustaining resilient communities and conflict resolution, Peace Pen Communications is claiming this space by actively participating in an initiative that will re-define the role of women in safe-guarding the peace of a nation.
“UDADA”> (a Swahili word for sister-hood) is a movement for Peace initiated by FOUR women working in the peace-building field and who have purposed to actively engage in non-violent approaches to safe-guarding Peace in various spheres.

“UDADA” arose after mentorship of the four founders in a recent symposium held in March 2010 and organised by the urgent Action Fund – Colorado bringing together women working for peace in Kenya and Pakistan.

This is a life-long project.  It aims to infuse some laid-out philosophies and values for sister-hood that can be adapted by generations of women keen on enhancing women participation in peace-building.

“UDADA” is set to be officially launched in Kenya in May 2010.

The “UDADA” founder partners:

  1. Joy Mbaabu ( Amani Communities Africa)
  2. Mary Kakuvi (Rural Women’s Peace Link)
  3. Halima Shuria ( Centre for Peace & Applied Research)
  4. Mildred Ngesa ( Peace Pen Communications)

The supporting organization:

The “UDADA” initiative is supported by the Urgent Action Fund – Boulder, Colorado- USA.

Our Contribution:

Peace Pen Communications is the Media & Communications wing of “UDADA”.  As a founder partner for the initiative, PPC is exploring vast media possibilities and strategies to launch and sustain visibility for the “UDADA” project.

PPC reserves its commitment to “UDADA” by actively participating in its current formulation processes and general sustainability of the movement.   All Media visibility and Communication strategies for “UDADA” are all under PPC’s docket.