Who We Are

PPC is a change-oriented, media media-focused organization aimed at enhancing a pro-active media culture that strives to restore and sustain peace & stability in areas of (potential) conflict through media.
PPC’s focus is to harness peaceful co-existence, social justice and build resilient communities through inculcating professional accountability and responsibility by media.

Founded and registered in 2009, PPC is stepping into the gap of media sobriety and sensibility after Kenya’s Post-elections violence of 2007 – 2008.

Our Vision:

A professional media pegged on peace, social justice and community cohesion to sustain positive change.

Our Mission:

To enhance a pro-active journalism culture that strives to inculcate positive change in society, restore peace and cohesion and mitigate (potential) conflict through the power of media.
Our Motivation;

The undeniable power of media in positive change

How we do it;

To achieve the above goals, PPC has curved its niche through;

  1. Media Clinics and Training Forums
  2. Media Monitoring & Research
  3. Media Publications & Reports
  4. Media Partnerships & Networks
  5. Media Mentorships