Media Monitoring & Research

Project Duration: July 2010 – August 2010

Supported by the Ford Foundation through ILEG, this research came at a crucial time when Kenya was going into the Referendum polls of august 2010.   Political process are delicate in Kenya as exemplified in the Post-Election Violence of 2007/2008 thus the referendum campaigns were equally delicate. Media as a key stake-holder in the process needed to be keenly observed. In this project, PPC became the watchdog and monitor for media coverage countdown to the referendum polls. For 14 days , countdown to the polls, PPC closely watched and monitored 16 media houses, both print and electronic and assessed their coverage of the referendum campaigns pegged against three areas of media malpractice; Sensationalism, Inflammatory coverage and biased reporting. As a result; Spotlight on Kenya Referendum campaigns 2010; a 14-day media watch on the coverage of the Kenya referendum campaigns. The publication was officially launched in a well attended, well-covered media event and it is currently still being used as an important reference point on media practice especially currently as Kenya prepares for this year’ general elections.